Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti

Since 2005 Bugatti, the company of the Volkswagen group managed to start the production of Veyron 16.4, until 2015 the amount of 450 units was manufactured for the whole world, most of them are unique and unrepeatable editions, in themselves they are exclusive, but there are clients that is not even enough That is why these wealthy owners turn to Mansory, who demands that they personalize their hyper-sports cars even more.

During the 2018 Genoa show, Mansory proudly exhibited its latest creation as a customer demand, they called it “Vivere Diamond Edition by Moti”, they took as base a Veyron 16.4 then they changed all the body panels and introduced a new carbon fabric material nicknamed Marble Collage (typical gloss effects of marble stone). All this includes: New wings modified, a stylized grill “Vivere-V”, a shorter hood, a carbon fiber lip to improve aerodynamic load, new daytime running lights (DRL) were incorporated into the front bumper, side skirts, mirrors, a rear-optimized diffuser that improves the cooling of the engine, new air intakes with optics in the eyebrows, new complete exhaust system, The new wheels with thin spokes are made in forged alloy and fulfill the function of improving the cooling system in the brakes. All this makes this Bugatti Veyron is a newer hyper-sports car, aggressive and defined.

Inside everything is also new and personalized, we can detail the black and white leather seats, especially embossed and embroidered carry the Moti shield and the word Mansory. The dashboard, sports steering wheel and door panels also come in white leather with Marble collage carbon fabric details. There is definitely no doubt that this is a true Bugatti Veyron “made to order”.

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