Rentalrs have two options; utilise our self-drive rental policy or provide us with proof of their personal insurance. We can also provide customers with a list of suitable insurers should you want to insure yourself.

Terms for using Miami Lusso’s self-drive rental policy

i. The rental quote includes self-drive rental policy for authorised drivers, although an insurance excess does apply.

ii. The amount of the excess depends on which car you have rentald and is shown at booking.

iii. The insurance excess ranges from $500 to $10000. The security deposit held by us for the duration of the rental is taken to cover this insurance excess in the case of damage to the vehicle during the rental period.

iv. The Insurance cover applies only in Miami, Florida. If the vehicle is to be outside Miami, Florida, prior consent must be obtained. Failure to do so will invalidate the insurance cover and the Security Deposit held by us will be forfeit. The rentalr will also be responsible for all damage incurred whilst off the public highway or outside Miami, Florida.

v. If the driving license of the rentalr or any additional driver contains any current endorsements, these must be declared at the time of booking.

vi. Only the person(s) named on the rental agreement are insured to drive the vehicle. If anyone other than the person(s) named on the rental agreement is found to be driving the vehicle, the security deposit will be considered a total loss. We will also seek prosecution for driving without insurance.

Terms for using Personal Insurance

i. Miami Lusso requires proof of the policy document prior to the start of rental clearly stating the names’ of the insured drivers’, the vehicle insured and the dates insured.

ii. Should the policy be cancelled for any reason the rentalr will be personally liable for any damages to the vehicle during the rental period.

Not only is this a legal requirement, but it provides peace of mind that both parties are protected if the worst happens.

In the event that any vehicle is used by the rentalr for any uninsured purpose, the rentalr will be personally liable and shall be liable to indemnify us for the full cost of any damage caused to the vehicle, any other property or any injury that may arise either directly or indirectly therefrom and any resulting costs or expenses (including without limitation the cost of hiring a suitable equivalent replacement vehicle for any period while the vehicle is being repaired or (if a total loss) while a suitable replacement vehicle is obtained.


i. Prices are based on drivers being aged 30 to 75 years. However additional insurance can be arranged for drivers aged 25 to 30 at a cost of $15* per day, $25* per weekend and $50* per week.
ii. All drivers must have held a full licence for a minimum of two years, must have no more than 6 current points on their licence, and are subject to approval on completion of a Miami Lusso insurance proposal form.
iii. Any convictions for drink driving, driving under the influence of drugs; dangerous or careless driving within the past 5 years will not be accepted.
iv. Overseas licenses are accepted subject to the above conditions


i. We require a booking fee which is the equivalent of the rental fee to secure your booking.

ii. Cancellations made 30-60 days prior to rental date – will receive 50% refund of rental charge, subject to a minimum charge of $100.

iii. Cancellations made 15-29 days prior to the rental date – will receive 25% refund of rental charge, subject to a minimum charge of $100.

iv. Cancellations within 14 days of the rental date are non-refundable.

v. When does the security deposit get refunded?

This varies depending on your individual credit/debit card provider and their processing times. As long as there have been no damages, the refund will be processed from our team within 14 days from the end of your rental date.

Please note for bookings made within 14 days of rental date, the cancellation fee still applies as per terms above.


i. Our despatch team may carry out pre-authorisation checks for security purposes upon delivery of vehicles using our mobile card payment terminals.

ii. The pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of the security deposit quoted upon your booking, this guarantees us that the funds are available to pay for any damages.

iii. When does the pre-authorisation get released?

This varies depending on your individual credit/debit card provider and their processing times. As long as there have been no damages, the pre-authorisation release will be processed from our team within 14 days from the end of your rental date.


The excess and security deposit acts;
i. As a security bond
ii. As payments towards any mechanical damage which is not covered by our insurers, e.g., tyres, wheels, clutch, gearbox and any damage sustained during the rental period, excluding normal wear and tear, due to misuse and abuse.
iii. As an insurance excess against any accidental damage or loss caused to the vehicle by a third party or the rentalr. The rentalr is liable for the amount shown as Excess Deposit. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is available to reduce this. Please see below.
iv. Additional charges incurred during rental for excess mileage and, or, petrol reimbursement charges. The Excess Security Deposit is as per the tariff.
v. Please note: Security deposit refunds may take up to 2 weeks to process after rental/rental period.


Miami Lusso liability is limited to a refund of the rental charge. No consequential loss liability will be covered.


i. The rentalr may use the vehicle for the purpose of their business and for social domestic and pleasure purposes.
ii. The Vehicle must not be used for any purposes for which they are not expressly designed.
iii. The Vehicle must not be used by anyone other than you or any pre-agreed authorised additional drivers.
iv. The Vehicle must not be used by anyone without a full valid driving licence for the class or use of vehicle rented.
v. The Vehicle must not be used for rental or reward.
vi. The Vehicle must not be used for any illegal purpose.
vii. The Vehicle must not be used rental, driving tuition, towing, racing or pace-making, or for competing in any rally, or any other form of motor sport and track days.
viii. The Vehicle must not be used while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
ix. The Vehicle must not be used outside of Miami, Florida or in the case of rentals in Northern Ireland outside of Miami, Florida or the Republic Of Ireland, unless we have given you written permission.
x. The Vehicle must not be used overloaded with more passengers than seatbelts or to transport children without the legally required car seats.
xi. The Vehicle must not be used to propel or tow any other vehicle or trailer; other than on a paved public highway, private road or driveway.
xii. The Vehicle must not be used to transport dangerous or noxious substances.
xiii. The Vehicle must not be used in a reckless or negligent manner.
xiv. The Vehicle must not be used in or on that part of any aerodrome, airfield, airport or military installation provided for the take-off, landing, movement or parking of aircraft and aerial devices, including any associated service roads, refuelling areas, ground equipment parking areas, aprons, maintenance areas and hangars.


i. You must look after the Vehicle and the keys.
ii. You must always lock the Vehicle and secure all of its parts.
iii. You must not let anyone work on the Vehicle without our permission. If we give you permission, we will only give you a refund if you have a receipt for the work.
iv. You must inspect the Vehicle prior to taking possession of it as you are liable.
v. You must stop using the Vehicle and contact us as soon as you become aware of a fault of the Vehicle.
vi. You must return the Vehicle back to us by the agreed date and time unless otherwise agreed. One of our staff must see the Vehicle to check that it is in the same condition when rental commenced. If we agreed that you may return the Vehicle outside business hours or if you choose to leave the Vehicle with a third party you will remain responsible for the vehicle and its condition until it is re-inspected by a member of our staff.
vii. You must check that you have not left any personal belongings in the Vehicle before you return the Vehicle.
viii. You acknowledge and accept that you will be liable as the owner, driver or operator of the Vehicle for any offence, penalty, charge or fine which is committed, issued or incurred in respect of any parking, bus lane, congestion charge or traffic offence or contravention in any jurisdiction where the Vehicle is driven until it is returned, unless caused through our own fault.

ix. We reserve the right to demand the return of a car at any time or immobilise the vehicle if we detect, or have reason to suspect, the vehicle is being used outside our guidelines.


i. You agree to pay the rental charges for the agreed period of rental and any extension of the rental period at the agreed daily rate.
ii. You agree not to exceed the 100 miles per day limit during your rental period. There will be an excess mile charge if you go over the daily limit which you agree to pay on demand upon the return of the Vehicle.
iii. You acknowledge and accept that you will be liable for any offence, penalty, charge or fine which is committed, issued or incurred in respect of any parking, bus lane, congestion charge or traffic offence or contravention in any jurisdiction where the Vehicle is driven until it is returned, unless caused through our own fault.
iv. A reasonable administrative fee for processing any fines or offences against the vehicle, you or us during the rental period, unless caused through our own fault.
v. Our costs including reasonable legal fees incurred collecting payments due from you under this Rental Agreement.
vi. A reasonable collection fee if the Vehicle is not collected from the agreed original return address.
vii. A cleaning fee if you fail to return the vehicle in a reasonable condition and such charge shall be the additional costs to us reasonably incurred as a result of such failure.
viii. Any recovery fees reasonably incurred by us where the damage to, or Vehicle fault, is the result of human error by you, any additional driver or any other person you permitted to use the Vehicle and is not covered by any manufacturer breakdown programme.
ix. Any refuelling service charge as agreed upon the rental commencing.
x. In the case of damage to, loss or theft of, the Vehicle as result of, or any part of your own fault, you shall pay us on demand:
– Fair market value of the repair or replacement of the Vehicle, part or accessory (as applicable) or a repair value calculated by an independent motor engineer.
xi. Any towing, storage and impound fees reasonably incurred by us as a result of the damage to, loss or theft of the Vehicle. We shall have the sole right and responsibility to repair the Vehicle.
xii. You are responsible for all charges, even if you have asked someone else to be responsible for them or we have billed any third party. All charges are subject to final audit.
xiii. Damage and theft responsibility you must keep all reasonable care against damage to, loss or theft of, the Vehicle. If the Vehicle is damaged, lost or stolen as a result of your recklessness and/or negligence you agree to pay us on demand the appropriate sum to put us back in the same position had the incident not have occurred. You are responsible for paying us all outstanding charges on demand.


i. You must report the accident or theft or loss to us as soon as possible.
ii. You or any driver must not admit responsibility to anyone in relation to the accident without our prior agreement.
iii. You and any driver should collect the names and addresses of everyone involved, including witnesses, providing you are fit to do so and give them to us.
iv. You and any driver must promptly forward to us any notices or other documents in relation to any legal proceedings arising out of the accident or theft or loss.
v. You agree to cooperate with us and our insurers including requests for full and true information and to provide assistance in any matters or legal proceedings including allowing proceedings to be brought by us in your name and defending any proceedings brought against you.
vi. You must return the original keys to us and report the theft or loss to the police as soon as reasonably possible if the Vehicle is stolen or loss.


You will be provided with a full tank of petrol and the vehicle must be returned with a full tank.
If, however, this is not the case any reimbursement for petrol will be charged at the pump price, plus $25 Administration charge +VAT.


Most of our cars may be taken out of Miami, Florida. Ireland (Eire) is not part of Miami, Florida.
Prior notification will be required so that overseas insurance and AA Cover can be arranged. There will be an additional charge for this, and the Excess Deposit will be doubled.


1-day midweek rental: From 09:00AM – 09:00AM the following day.
3-day midweek rental: From Tuesday 09:00AM – Thursday 5:00PM.
Weekend rental: From Friday 12:00PM – Monday 12:00PM.


The mileage allowance is 100 miles per day. Excess mileage is as per the current Tariff. Pre-paid miles are available at a reduced rate.
Please note: Un-used pre-paid miles are NOT refundable.


Delivery can be arranged throughout Miami, Florida, at an additional nominal charge.


All cars are offered subject to availability.


Prices are subject to change without prior notice, however once a car has been booked and a deposit received, we will not alter the price for that rental.
All rentals are subject to Miami Lusso additional Terms and Conditions on the reverse of the Rental Agreement and all drivers are subject to approval by Miami Lusso and the company’s insurers.


Car rental may be cancelled or re-arranged if:
i. The weather or act of God is deemed inclement and there for not suitable for rental by the lessor, a suitable replacement date will be arranged.
ii. There is a mechanical breakdown of the car, if this occurs and it is feasible to offer an alternative car for the rental the lessor will do so. Should the lessor not have another vehicle available or if the rentalr chooses to not have the replacement offered, the lessor will re-arrange the rental for another day. If the rentalr chooses to cancel the booking; booking & cancellation terms will be in effect. The lessor accepts no responsibility or liability for cancellations under these conditions.
iii. The lessor retains the right to refuse rental of any vehicle to any one the lessor deems unsuitable for rental or whom the lessor feels do not fit the lessor’s criteria for rental or if the rentalr’s age or licence details do not comply with the terms as set out herein.
iv. In any event a minimum of 1 day charge will apply. If multiple days have been booked and you choose to return the vehicle early, the additional daily rental charges will still apply unless we agree to waive such charges. This is strictly subject to our discretion.