Luxury cars that won’t break the bank

Porsche Macan

A compact luxury crossover born in Leipzig, Germany, and The Porsche Macan is an all wheel drive designed to please the fans.

“Car and Driver” has awarded this as one of the 10 Best trucks and SUVs of 2017.

From the exterior, – it is the image Porsche lovers would fall for. The car is spacious. Launched in Los Angeles Auto Show in 2013, this has been designed targeting sales volumes. It has completed its mission. Despite the low price, inside it is a Porsche to the letter.

The exotic car counts five doors.  Boot door, which opens up with the rear window, allows convenience to store large size luggage.

When talking about the convenience and comfort Porsche Macan has given the best technology. A seven-speed PDK dual- clutch transmission system shifts the gears faster but without any disruption to the inner serenity. The technology assures closer lap times as in racing cars.  Overheating, wear and tear of the parts is not big concerns for this exotic car.

Assembled with an air suspension instead of steel springs, the mechanism provides a self-levelling in rough roads. Porsche Active Suspension Management system (PASM) has improved the grip and comfort of the exotic car. The agile performance in speed mode while cornering is a result of this.

A look at the tiger’s performance figures – 2.0lt base turbo engine generates 252ps (249HP), leaping to 0-100Kmph (0-62mph) in 6.7 seconds, explains exotic car title.

Taking all the features to concern, Porsche Macan is a magical combination of fashion and performance. The design is smooth, and the speed is awesome.

The price starting from $48,850 the range has the Macan, Macan S diesel, Macan GTS and Macan Turbo models to suit preferences.

It is a gift from Porsche to enjoy life.

Mercedes AMG A45

The car is mind blowing handsome. Mercedes AMG A45 ranked with the hot hatchbacks available in the market.  AMG the name for a high-performance range of Mercedes, jumps into 0-100Kmph (0-62mph) in 4.2 seconds, to dart at a maximum of 250kmph (155mph) which is not expected in a hatchback.

From the hefty car manufacturer from Germany, Mercedes AMG A45 has been built to please the admirers to hold an AMG badge and that gleaming three-pointed star in a family car.

The 2.0lt 4 turbo petrol engine produces 280Kw (381hp) generating a 0-100kmph 0-62mph) within 4.2seconds.  Electronically limited to 250Kmph (155mph) the exotic car delights the occupant with a 270Kmph (168mph) if supported by AMG driver’s package, which comes as an option. Every bodyline designed for optimum use of aerodynamics, Mercedes AMG A45 styled with two spoiler lips at the front and on the roof enhances that masculinity in its appearance.

The cockpit is dedicated to the driver. Flat-bottomed leather bound steering and adjustable seat cushion to suit the driver’s frame, gauges mounted within driver’s focus, it is all new technology to support communication and Internet devices in present-day use.

In short, the car is a Mercedes, versioned for affordability.


The compact model of BMW series the M2 is designed to house the powerful 3.0lt turbocharged N55B30 engine, which picks up from 0-100Kmph (0-62mph) in mere 4.5 seconds. A six-speed manual transmission system supports the exotic car to reach a 250Kmph (155mph) with an electronically limited top speed. An option is available to raise the top limit to 270Kmph (168mph) for the speed seeker.

The cabin is decorated with carbon fibre and the cockpit is driver centred. Cameras mounted to assist parking and to avoid road collisions, the exotic car model has an automatic version also.

The car is comfortable and even the rear seats provide enough space for headspace and legroom despite being a coupe.

For a BMW the car is within reach to the most of the enthusiasts. It gives the pleasure of drive and comfort of the BMW to the occupants.

Lexus RC F

The compact type two-door coupe of the Japanese Toyota cars first introduced at the Tokyo motor show in 2013, is a combination of 3 models. The mix made a sturdier body with an enchanting appearance. The front end of a GS sedan, middle of a IS C convertible and rear from the IS Sedan, the model amalgamates fantastically to house a V8 engine – 5.0liter, which breed a 467hp, leaps to 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds. Transmission system categorized as eight-speed sport direct shift operated manually. Paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel delivers a seamless transmission of gears. Let the automatic mode mesmerize you, with its AI smooth shift controls. Recorded a track speed of 168mph as its maximum, fuel consumption is 25mpg in highways.

The Lexus RC F is built to dominate the road as well as the racetrack. The sound is tuned to impress the car fanatic.

Japanese perfection demonstrated all over the frame, the interior of the Lexus RC F is a visual art. High back sports seats hold the driver in a close grip designed for comfortable stability. Front seats are heated and ventilated. There is a memory system to personalize the settings. The list goes on and on, despite the low figure tag it holds.

In shortest terms, the Lexus RC F is a exotic car worth of every penny spent by the fan.

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