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729 bhp
760 Nm
0-60 time
2.7 sec
Top Speed
208 mph

Remember the Gumpert Apollo? Very fast, very ugly. Very dead. Remember its concept successor from 2016, the Apollo Arrow? That’s a goner too. This is the new, absolutely furious face of Apollo. It’s named Apollo Intensa Emozione, because that sounds better in Italian than ‘Extremely Moody’ does in English. TG’s spent a day poking around the new creation – we’ll just call it the IE for short.

Limited to ten bespoke units priced at a tasty €2.3m a pop, the Apollo IE is a track-only, road-illegal exotic car that’s here to launch Apollo into the boutique exotica scene. No longer affiliated with Roland Gumpert, the company’s been bought out and reimagined by Hong Kong businessman Norman Choi, and he’s created what he describes as a nostalgic GT1 racecar for the 21st century. You’re not looking at computer renderings here, by the way. Both the giant top-mounted wing and the car stuck to the other end do indeed exist, and make a quite terrifying noise.

Where the hideous old Gumpert Apollo cloaked a tubular steel chassis in slab-sided carbon panels, the slashed-up IE is all carbon fibre. Carbon tub, carbon crash boxes front and rear (the whole chassis weighs just 105kg) and carbon body panels on top, from the same supplier as Pagani. The whole car weighs in at 1,250kg, Apollo claims.

And thanks to a monumental 1,350kg of claimed net downforce at 186mph, the Apollo IE can uses the same party trick as the old, defunct Gumpert. Yes, it could drive on the ceiling, theoretically. Funny how no-one ever steps up to test that, eh?

Apollo Intensa Emozione - Inclusive Self Drive Features

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  • Free 2nd driver
  • Full tank of fuel

The Apollo Intensa Emozione is delivered with full comprehensive insurance for two drivers as standard, and we can deliver / collect from any address. Our only prerequisite is that you are 25 years of age or over, and hold a valid driving licence.

Apollo Intensa Emozione - Chauffeur Driven Rental

Miami Lusso Chauffeur Driven Exotic car rental happily covers all of Florida. Every destination is reachable to rent a Apollo Intensa Emozione.

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