Grab your keys, rev up your engines and prepare for the trip of a lifetime, we are going to take you on a trip through the most engaging routes in the USA, we want to make sure that you get a ride that will give you the full value of the exotic that you rented.

  1. Hells Canyon Road, Idaho

This epic road started across the in Coopersfield Campground in Oxbow, Oregon and spanned all the way towards the Hells Canyon Dam. Hells Canyon road as it is called runs 22miles along the Snake River, bordering the scraggy canyon walls, it undulates and creases the whole way in a two-lane strip of blacktop. The final destination is the Hells Canyon Dam, you will not be allowed to go past this point, it is out of bounds for non-park service vehicles, which means that you will do a U-turn and drive 22 miles of cool luxury back to your starting point. 

Drive Distance: 44 miles

Best car for the ride: Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R

  • Saddle Road, Mauna Kea State Park, Hawaii

You will find yourself speeding in-between two Volcanos, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, there are a lot of amazing and breathtaking views on the saddle road, it is a very natural road to enjoy the power of your exotic car, and the volcanic eruptions helped pave way for a perfect canvas of asphalt on an iconic downhill run towards the clear blue waters of the Pacific ocean.

Drive Distance: 46 miles

Best exotic car to drive: Bentley Continental GT

  • Route 245-Route 7-Route 26 Loop, Oregon

 It is indisputable that Oregon has one of the best roads in the USA, but what makes this route iconic is that there is no such thing as traffic jam here. You can drive for so many miles and will not see any car or motorcycle on the road if, by chance you see, they will give you way because they know that you came here to achieve a particular purpose.

Drive Distance: 97 miles

Best car to drive: Audi RS3

  • Mulholland Highway, from Malibu Creek State Park to Route 1, California

Hidden in the midst of the hills above California Route 1 are a few of the most epic driving roads in the USA, even though PCH may be the focus for being able to stretch the length of California and coming in contact with the coast of the Pacific, there is a whole network of roads that take their bearing from route 1 with Mulholland highway as its starting point. This road stretched through the dry lands of California and is a nice place to take your exotic car for a spin.

Driving Distance: 21 miles

Best car to drive: Mazda MX-5

  • Route 9W to Storm King Highway, New York

Route 9W is a few miles away from the north of Manhattan, once you set sail on this road, it does not look like things will get fun in the near distance, but this route readily switches things up with the meanders that it makes around the Bear Mountain State Park. It leads to the exit for Storm king highway from where it gets its name along the Palisades, this route is exciting to drive on as it gives you an amazing 1,000 feet above sea level of the Hudson River.

Drive distance: 11 miles

Best car to drive: Lancia Delta Integrale

  • Old Highway 95, White Bird, Idaho

The locals know this place as the home to great roads, but Northern Idaho is located in the middle of the American Rockies, so you may get to see a couple of boring roads in the environs, but that doesn’t erase the epic road statement that the Old Highway 95, White Bird makes. The route descends from the Rockies from the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest. This road is similar to the Stelvio Pass in the Alps and finding roads like this is rare in the world, they are few, not to talk of how scarce they are in the USA. When you get to the bottom of the slope, you can take the new 95 route back to the top, it has gradual bends that are exciting to zoom through and there is this solid feel that the road gives when you are fast and furious on it.

Drive Distance: 16 Miles

Best car to drive: Toyota 86

  • Route 348, Helen, Georgia

Unlike the Rockies where the safety of their great driving routes gets questionable during winter and in most cases, the roads are shut down for safety purposes, here in the Appalachians, weather has nothing on the roads here, these roads are all year round as ready as you are to give you a bang for your money, they are ever ready to give you the best out of your exotic car. Route 348 serpentines and crossed the wrinkled region of Northern Georgia, even though it hardly gets very wintery there, even when snow falls, an AWD and a set of Blizzarks can easily make their way through this route.

Drive Distance: 14 miles

Best car to Drive: BMW M5i

  • M119, Harbor Springs, Michigan

This is an angelic path to drive your exotic car through, if the Nurburgring is known as the “Green Hell” then we can call the M119, Harbor Springs the “Green Heaven”. That’s unofficial though, the official name is the Tunnel of trees, the route lacks change in elevation to induce the roller coaster effect but has some beautiful twists under the peacefully grown and bred green canopy of trees, this is a good sight to behold and will motivate you to take a photo shot of you and your exotic car to keep the memories as green as the trees. It is a well contoured northern part of the Lake Michigan.

Drive Distance: 24 Miles

Best Car for the Drive: Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

  • Route 82 from Twin Lakes to Aspen, Colorado

If you know, you know. If you don’t know, I want to use this opportunity to tell you that this route is one of the many routes that you see in movies, this route is beautified by the sight of weaving mountains roads, outlining valleys and a sea of evergreen trees. These attributes provide the great chilling effect of driving your exotic car on this road. The only challenge is that some parts of the road like Route 82 from twin Lakes heading to Aspen gets shut down during the winter due to heavy snowfall. So the real fun is enjoyed by a summer driver. So take a trip this summer to route 82 and have a fill day like never before.

Driving Distance: 37 Miles

Best car for the Drive: McLaren 570S Spider

  1. NV 158 to NV 157, Mount Charleston, Nevada

Posing with more highlands and mountain ranges than any other state in the USA, you will agree with me that Nevada has a rich share of the best adventurous driving roads in this region. Just about 45 minutes west of Las Vegas, the drive to the apex of the mountain Charleston seems like the shorter route on this list, but it is definitely a fun way to extend your Vegas experience to the roads, what happens in Vegas is allowed to get to these mountain parts.

Drive distance: 21 Miles

Best car for the drive: Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG

These routes are the amazing routes that you can go and enjoy the cool breeze and flawless engineering of your exotic car, if you want to sit back and enjoy the scenery of these locations, just rent a chauffeur to drive you around, our rentals come with two driver insurance and the chauffeurs that we will give you are responsible, professionals and locals who are very knowledgeable about these routes and the best time to ply on them. Call us today, do not hesitate, do not doubt yourself, just make that call or visit our office at 1001 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 2700 Miami FL 33131 or call us on +(1)3053305630. You can visit our website also to get more information or read the blogs to learn more about routes and some exotic cars.

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