The Lamborghini Urus is Born. Hiring from $950 per day

When you are looking for your next exotic car Lamborghini is well known for their cars but what if you are looking for something with a little more room. Here comes the Urus. The Urus has all the specifications and expectations that come from the Lamborghini name, in the form of an SUV. The Urus is also known as the Super SUV. The Urus is considered a first of its kind with the combination of sports car and sports utility vehicle.  A Lamborghini Urus is all the things that you could want in a exotic car rental from the fast and powerful to the rugged and rough.

The Look of the Lamborghini Urus:

The Urus has the perfect blend of sports car and SUV, the Urus takes the elegant and sleek look of Lamborghini and adds a splash of sporty edge. Some of the basic elements in a Lamborghini design can be found in the Urus, it is a lowered SUV that sits closer to the ground as a sports car would. The inside of the Urus has three different screens for options in entertainment, driver comfort and car functions. The Urus has customizable interior seating and room for 5 for those family exotic car rentals.

What’s Inside the Lamborghini Urus:

The Urus will not have the V10 or V12, Lamborghini has decided to give the Urus the 4.0L twin turbo V8 engine underneath the hood. The Urus will be capable of 650 horsepower with the top speed being around 190mph. The Urus also boasts of having one of the best weight to power ratios that you can get in an SUV. The vehicle also comes with an 8-gear transmission and is all-wheel drive. The Urus will have the potential of having six different driving modes for any type of situation. The Urus shares the same platform as the Audi A6 and Audi A7. This vehicle also has some of the most powerful brakes found on a production car to stop the scale topping 4000 pound vehicle weight.  The Lamborghini Urus will have a base price starting at 200k and the option of an off-road package.

The Good and the Bad of the Urus:

It’s difficult to find the cons associated with a high-end company such as Lamborghini. The Urus is expected to be an attention grabber and has luxurious interiors. The car is designed to be used in your everyday commute. Underneath the SUV body is the power and speed of a sports car. Some may find the SUV body style a con when coupled with the parts of a sports car. Others find the high-end luxury SUV as the next step in vehicles with the Lamborghini Urus leading the forefront. Price could be considered a con, as the Lamborghini Urus is the equivalent of buying a house.

The Super SUV is luxury and adventure combined leaving customers excited to get their hands on it. The Urus is changing the game on luxury sports vehicles and is bound to be a crowd pleaser with its versatility. The Urus is a move forward for Lamborghini and the automobile industry, be sure to include it when you are making your next choice for a exotic car rental.

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