Drive a Ferrari to the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, Italy

What could possibly be better than driving a Ferrari exotic car rental from Miami, Florida to the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, Italy? The birthplace of one of the world’s most extravagant and talked about cars (if not THE most extravagant), Maranello is filled with plenty to do and see, as well as tours throughout the factory so you can really understand the mechanisms and design of your exotic car.

Along the way, we’re going to recommend some great exotic car driving routes for you to take, ensuring you enjoy the horsepower and incredible experience of whipping through Europe in your very own Ferrari.

  1. From Dover to Dijon:

Cover good ground on your first day en route, staying overnight in Dijon after driving through Calais, Reims, and Troyes. The next morning, take off for Geneva, pausing at Courmayeur for the evening. The roads between these cities will give you plenty of room to really get the engine moving while flying past some of Europe’s most notable landmarks and mountain ranges.

  1. From Courmayeur to Pienza:

Now, it’s time to finish out Switzerland through Genoa, Lucca, and so forth, into Italy! Explore the Italian countryside and consider making a detour for the Stelvio Pass.

  1. Stelvio Pass:

Ranked as one of the top 3 roads in the world for exotic cars, the Stelvio Pass is a windy little mountain road edged into the Italian countryside that has become a staple for exotic car owners. Located in the Ortler Alps between South Tyrol and Bormio, less than 200m from the Swiss border, the pass goes through an intersection of German, Italian, and Romansh cultures. At points, the pass goes up as high as 9,045 feet, stating that it will literally take your breath away. It’s worth the detour before you head south to the final point of your trip: The Ferrari Factory.

Ferrari Factory

Once you arrive at the factory, do note that there are certain days when test tracks are open to you if you wish to take the Ferrari on their tracks. It’s worth planning ahead and booking your spot now so you don’t risk missing the availability. The factory also includes a huge museum that goes over the birth of the Ferrari, those involved, and where it has come so far today. There are factory tours, driving simulations, educational classes, and even venues where private events and parties can be held. Of course, there is a café and shop if you’re interested in bringing home some unforgettable Ferrari memorabilia.

Miami Lusso Exotic Car Rental

If you’re thinking about experiencing Europe from the seat of a exotic car, we highly recommend taking a few days to head on out for Italy in your Ferrari. What’s more fitting than taking your Italian sports car to its birthplace, learning about the history and magnificence that goes into its production? Enjoy yourself along the way, take in the sights and smells, and never look back as you head through those Swiss Alps.


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