A Drive to the South of France in One of Our Exotic Cars

One of the biggest things to decide on once the decision has been made to rental a exotic car is where to go and what to do. Do you drive around town and take in all the sites that you have seen for years? Take the wife out on a date? What about making the experience something you will remember for a lifetime. How about taking a road trip to that place in the South of France, the one that has been synonymous with cinema for over 70 years, Cannes.

            After leaving London we will have to travel across the Strait of Dover. A short ferry ride and the coast of France comes into view. Turning south hug along the coast for a beautiful picturesque drive. Feel the wind through your hair, enjoy the sporty suspension along the curves and enjoy the exotic car rental that got you here. A short way from the coast you will come across the town of Amiens.

            While a famous location for one of the famous battles of World War 1, Amiens not only will satisfy history buffs but also architectural as well. Take a look at an example of the Tour Perret, an example of an early modernist tower which reaches to the skies with 27 floors. Stop by the Musee De Picardie and also the famous author Jules Verne house.  A trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Cathedrale Notre-Dame d’Amiens. This cathedral is famous for ornate carvings as well as beautiful decorations. If the weather is nice a drive through the beautiful Amiens countryside cannot be forgotten.

            Paris is a for sure stop whenever passing through France. Check out the Louvre if you are an art lover. If you are looking for a view and that perfect selfie opportunity, check out the Eiffel Tower. Standing at 324 meters high this 19th-century structure is known worldwide. A suggestion for any car lover that is willing to try something different is the Arc de Triomphe. This iconic site is instantly recognizable, but how about trying to remember your exotic car rental by snapping a picture of you and your car as you drive by. You might have to be creative with this one, but it will make a memorable picture.

            As we travel south we will travel pass Lyon. Check out Perouges. This town is 40 kilometers away and is a medieval walled town. The stone buildings, as well as cobblestone roads, are sure to impress anyone passing through. Passing through Marseille stick to the coastal road for beautiful views. Just beware depending on the time of year these roads can have traffic issues that may frustrate, but the views may be worth it.

            If you arrive in Cannes in late May make sure you check out the festivities of the film festival that makes it famous. Cannes also has great beaches, great for relaxing after a long road trip.

            No matter the route you take with your exotic car rental, a drive to the South of France is one of those trips that makes memories. Imagine telling the story of how you got that picture of you in the Lamborghini in front of the Arc de Triomphe.

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